All About the Money

All About the Money

All About the Money by Paul Kemp

Did you ever wonder why this world is so crazy? Here are some facts and clues that will help you make sense of it.

For instance: Isn’t it weird that the drugs that are mainly fatal in the long-run (or sooner) are LEGAL? And the ones like sacred kratom and marijuana are persecuted, even though they kill no-one?

It is interesting and instructive how the battle to maintain the freedom to use kratom is different from the increasingly triumphant battle to legalize marijuana use.

Marijuana is still classed with heroin as a Federal Schedule 1 Drug. How ridiculous is that?

And yet, various equivalents of heroin are openly sold with that magic doctor’s prescription at your local pharmacy. For most of twenty years, doctors were practically pushing opioid’s on their patients. Suddenly, they realize we have an addiction epidemic, with people dying right and left.

So, doctors began cutting their addicted patients off, but they seem miffed that their patients weren’t content to stay strung out on Suboxone and Methadone. They weren’t planning on American ingenuity leading us to kratom to get us totally off Big Pharma’s junk!

Morbidly obese people can get a prescription for methamphetamine, another Schedule 1 drug, for quick weight loss success! Heck, children as young as 3 can get put on Adderall, a long-acting form of amphetamine, but don’t take speed without a prescription!

Our Society Is So Hypocritical!

And yet, one of the big arguments against keeping Kratom legal is that it produces a heroin-like high or alternately a cocaine-like high, with LSD-like hallucinations thrown in to the mix. Great advertising to promote Kratom’s use by adventure-seeking kids, but with very little connection to reality, as those who have used kratom know.

It’s like the old song, Alice’s Restaurant. You know the chorus! Sing along with me: “You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant!” (IF you have a prescription…)

Nature, on the other hand, has built into some of these substances automatic penalties for abusing them (death from overdose). Why not leave it at that and save a lot of money chasing pot-smokers, aficionados, and opiate-abusers to try to prevent them from doing what they like to do?

If people are allowed to smoke tobacco, given the warnings posted on every pack, why do we make a big deal over someone who smokes pot or wants to treat their own pain, depression, anxiety, or chase a little euphoria with kratom?

The death figures from smoking are clear and convincing evidence that smoking is far more dangerous — and we KNOW it — than any suspected worries about long-term kratom use.

Let’s get real, friends and neighbors! Our federal government is going (or has already gone) broke, trying to make everyone do what makes certain businesses money — and punishes those who enjoy pleasures that do not pay into the federal cash register, either directly or indirectly.

And the main beneficiaries are the Pharmaceutical Industry, the CIA, and Organized Crime!

Getting tough on crimes that have no victims beside the alleged “criminal” themselves is a waste of time, lives, and money — OUR MONEY! But, now that we have created bureaus for chasing down and apprehending these criminal drug users, we can’t just lay these people off!

Why can’t we? It was all a mistake. Is our government capable of admitting that old policies were flawed, so they can move on?

If drugs like tobacco and alcohol are legal for adults, even though they kill hundreds of thousands of Americans every year, why should we worry about the potential danger to the users’ health of kratom?

Why is our government beginning to accept marijuana into the fold of federally-accepted all-American drugs after decades of persecuting its fans?

Did we learn anything about the futility of trying to prevent a small percentage of people from doing what people of every society in the history of the world have done in one way or the other? NO!

Or did marijuana become big enough and tempting enough as a source of tax revenue that legislators could no longer resist embracing it?

Tell Me It’s Not All About the Money!

Come on, admit it! In our heart-of-hearts we all know it was all about money and racism to pass laws against certain drugs, but allow others!

Our rulers don’t want us to get too smart. That’s why they allow addictive drugs that dull our minds.

The obvious insanity of prosecuting non-fatal recreational experiences and herbal medicines, while permitting deadly habits such as cigarettes and booze and narcotic painkillers is all the proof we need. These laws are not there to protect us from harm, but rather to charge a toll when we choose to travel on the road to cancer, heart disease, or harmless euphoria.

We need to grow up, open our eyes, and stop taking these lawmakers so seriously.

Getting rid of them will be the next task on the conscious citizens’ agenda.

How can we do that, you ask?

Ruthlessly root out corporate campaign contributions to our elected officials and all other sources of graft and corruption — and see who opposes such proposals. (Then vote them out of office!)

We’ve got more government than we can afford. Getting rid of them won’t be easy, but this does deserve our attention, until we succeed in paring down the size of our government expenditures to what is really necessary.

We have been bled dry of the qualities that made this a great, free, and commercially-competitive force in the world economy.

Let’s get back to honoring the brilliant, inspired intentions of the Founders of this great nation and stop wasting our money on futile projects like preventing citizens from using harmless herbs. The herb kratom is obviously less dangerous than the herb tobacco and the deadly FDA-approved pharmaceuticals that fill our drugstores today.

So, Who Is the FDA Really Protecting? Here’s a clue: It’s not us & our Health!


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