KRATOM LAW, KRATOM NEWS Kratom Illegal for Minors Under New Bill

Kratom Illegal for Minors Under New Bill

Senator Pam Helming and Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle introduced legislation that would ban minors from purchasing, possessing, or using any product containing kratom. The bill, S.6924/A.8787, would amend the state Health Law to define and regulate kratom and for the Department of Health to conduct a study on the benefits and risks of kratom. Read more about Kratom Illegal for Minors Under New Bill[…]

Addiction Remedy in America

Addiction Remedy in America is a humiliation

The genuine fact is that addiction Remedy in America is a humiliation. With heroin dependency within the US skyrocketing, it’s little or nothing wanting miraculous that a pure, plant- primarily based drugs might help addicts wean themselves off their medication of alternative. Naturopathic medication makes use of pure natural merchandise equivalent to herbs, spices, and Read more about Addiction Remedy in America is a humiliation[…]

Cure For Addiction

Thailand’s New Cure For Addiction

by Anton Bautist Kratom comes from a leafy plant found in Thailand. After chewing the sour-tasting leaves the user receives a gentle rush and an energy effect similar to that of a strong cup of coffee. There is no crash or comedown and the effects tend to last around 30 minutes depending on the amount Read more about Thailand’s New Cure For Addiction[…]

Kratom’s Angels – Testimonials on Kratom

by Paul Kemp Personal stories and testimonies of how kratom helps people. One of the nice things about growing older is that you can begin to recognize certain patterns in social movements. You may notice that some social movements are motivated by hatred — such as the Skinheads — and some are motivated by wanting Read more about Kratom’s Angels – Testimonials on Kratom[…]

The Ascent of the Pharma-King

by Paul Kemp For Whom Are the Laws Made? One thing my father managed to teach me before he died when I was 15, was a huge respect for the genius shown by the founders of our nation. I remember a trip we made to Washington, DC when I was 12 or so and standing Read more about The Ascent of the Pharma-King[…]

Kratom: The Newest Health Alternative

Kratom: The Newest Health Alternative Kratom: The Newest Health Alternative by Anton Bautist Individuals are becoming more mindful of the freshest natural supplement to hit the US in years, Kratom. New articles are turning out on every day, good and bad, about this Indonesian Herb and numerous individuals are interested what it is and how Read more about Kratom: The Newest Health Alternative[…]

Fake Kratom News

All About the Money

All About the Money All About the Money by Paul Kemp Did you ever wonder why this world is so crazy? Here are some facts and clues that will help you make sense of it. For instance: Isn’t it weird that the drugs that are mainly fatal in the long-run (or sooner) are LEGAL? And Read more about All About the Money[…]