Kratom’s Angels – Testimonials on Kratom

by Paul Kemp

Personal stories and testimonies of how kratom helps people.

One of the nice things about growing older is that you can begin to recognize certain patterns in social movements. You may notice that some social movements are motivated by hatred — such as the Skinheads — and some are motivated by wanting to share exciting, happy discoveries that can benefit all people, sexes, races. The Kratom Revolution is one of the second type and is a very welcome sight.

Then, too, along with every revolutionary social movement, there is the inevitable backlash that focuses on nothing but the negative aspects of the childlike exuberance of the most positive movements — the “what if’s”, the negative outcomes that might happen — in an effort to sow doubt among the “True Believers” and get them to come back to the flock of dull, uninspired, everyday suffering with the current reality.

Well, we have both sides clearly defined in this Kratom-Fueled revolution.

Every revolution is born in response to a problem. Usually those who are hurt the most by the status quo are the ones who are the most motivated to change things — and those who are profiting by the status quo want to keep things like they are, even if they are harming many others.

The kratom revolution is a reaction to a stuffy medical system that, in effect, has condemned sick people to living in miserable drugged-up conditions (because it is profitable), rather than let them know how they could prevent or cure their illnesses.

Our current medical system is clearly not working for the benefit of the sickest people in society. Changing this is what the kratom revolution is about.

There are many diseases and syndromes our modern medicine has developed no cures for. The people who are suffering from these conditions get prescribed painkillers, muscle relaxers, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety drugs and are — in effect told,

“That’s all we can do for you at this time.”

After five, ten, or fifteen years of living under a cloud of pain and depressed by the inactivity and incapacity to do the important things in their personal life, these people can rightly feel like they have been abandoned by the medical profession and the giant Darth Vader-like force that stands behind them — Big Pharma.

Some, in moments of weakness, are tempted to kill themselves. It’s understandable. When people of authority who are the priesthood, the keepers of all knowledge about health, tell us there is no cure for what we have and we’ve tried all their pain pills, patches, and surgeries, what else are we to believe?

At this dark, lonely moment, those who are about ready to hang it up may be approached by one of those I call “Kratom’s Angels“, who proclaim they have found a way out of misery and back into something close to normalcy.

Kratom’s Angels may be met with distrust and suspicion, but they don’t let that stop them. They KNOW — and they know they know — a better way to deal with the pain, because they’ve been there themselves…and they found a way out.

It’s a beautiful thing to watch these “angels” work. They face stubborn resistance and daunting opposition from the Admins of online pain groups, but they keep coming back to rescue those hopeless souls who are ready to listen.

The most exciting thing to see is the moment when this simple leaf, like a bitter-tasting communion wafer, proves itself to the doubting, hesitant victim of Big Pharma’s lies. The curtain is pulled back, the healing light streams into their life, and once again their dreams seem achievable.

Can you imagine how exciting this is for the angel and the one who receives the Good News?

Here is one such story:

“Today is my first day trying Kratom. After taking it, I cried. I didn’t think it could help my level of pain, but it did. I thought it would make me sick, but it didn’t. I had lost all hope of ever having a normal life again, so after the success of trying it today I could do nothing but cry~ its a Godsend”

Here is another:

“I just have to share two amazing things that happened today: 1. My samples came YAYYY and 2. My life changed! I’ve been dealing with chronic, debilitating pain for 4 years, have had 3 surgeries, on bad pain days I use a walker, and basically am in pain from 3 illnesses 24/7. The last six months have been a nightmare- my father passed away and my third surgery landed me in the hospital for 6 days due to infection. I have been struggling with severe panic disorder as well. Right now- 3+ hours after my dose- I am out of pain and haven’t had a panic attack. I made a roasted chicken dinner- and took a shower for the first time in years without pain. I vacuumed. I scrubbed my tub. These might sound like simple tasks but for me I had pain with every single thing I did- which fed the panic. Tonight- I’m off the vicious merry-go-round and I’m feeling calm and relaxed. ‪#‎kratomisamiracle‬”

And another:

“I’ve been following this group for about a month now. Finally decided to try Kratom on Monday for the first time. Monday was my son’s birthday and I wanted to spend it opiate free… Well here we are Wednesday morning and I have not taken any opiates and do not plan on it…and typically by now if I were out of pain meds (which I’m not) I would be bargaining with the devil for some type of relief from pain and withdrawal. But I am happier these past few days than I’ve been in a very long time…and anxiety?? Psshh what anxiety? I’m totally chill and looking forward to the Sunny side of life again!! So long story short….Thank you a million times group for creating awareness. You guys are right…this stuff is awesome!!”

And this short follow-up from the same person:

“As my post stated, I Started Kratom Monday and Today is Friday and I’m still off opiates. I haven’t gone 5 days without any pain meds in Years!! Also the happy feels make life worth smiling about again I still can not express how thankful I am to have found this group.”

We see stories like these every day in the kratom groups, as Kratom’s Angels — like Merry Pranksters — go on group forays to rescue lost souls from among the Chronic Pain Groups.

This is a side of human nature we don’t see nearly enough of these days. Most of our information comes in the form of commercial messages: Sales pitches and advertising. Perhaps Admins of the pain groups are reacting to what they perceive as just another spammy sales message when they block Kratom’s Angels from telling the Good News about kratom in their solemn discussions of how bad their members feel today.

For the most part, this is just good clean fun. People sharing information, like gossip and useful tips over the backyard fence. People helping people, simply for the pleasure of sharing something that made their own life better.

This is innocent, but it is revolutionary from the standpoint that it exposes the haughty lies of the status quo’s henchmen, who say, “This is the best we have to offer you at this time.”

“No it isn’t!” Kratom’s Angels reply — and they proceed to prove it!

Please Note: The names of the Angels and the rescued have been omitted to protect their privacy — and to protect the author from criticism that I left someone out. That wasn’t my intention. There are too many of you Angels to fit into this blog — and I want you ALL to get the credit in the eyes of those you help and attempt to help. My hope is that those who turned you down will someday read this and see what they are missing. This is for real, you can hear it in the voices of those who accepted the Kratom Angels’ help. Don’t miss out!

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